Discover the Missing Link to Career Success

Unlock Your Emotional Intelligence Potential for Massive Career Growth 

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People with high EQ make an average of $29,000 per year more than people with low EQ

Forward Thinking Organizations Leveraging Emotional Intelligence

EQ accounts for 90% of what moves people up the ladder

Tired of Hitting a Career Plateau?

If you’re a driven professional, you’ve probably encountered the frustration of being stuck in your career.

Despite your technical skills, something is missing—the ability to effectively understand and manage emotions, build meaningful relationships, and navigate complex workplace dynamics.

EQMatch is here to bridge that gap by providing you with actionable insights and strategies to enhance your emotional intelligence. And unlock the doors to limitless career growth.

Takes 20 Min. 100% Free

Every point increase in emotional intelligence adds $1,300 to the salary.

How can Emotional Intelligence Help Your Career?

  • Improved self-awareness for better decision making
  • Improved relationships. Become a more effective team member & leader
  • Career Advancement
  • Improved Mental Health
  • Personal Growth

Want a more fulfilling and successful career?

Our comprehensive emotional intelligence assessment delves deep into your strengths and areas for development. Gain invaluable insights into your communication style, empathy levels, and leadership abilities. Armed with this self-awareness, you can proactively enhance your emotional intelligence skills, leading to better collaboration, increased influence, and accelerated professional growth.

EQ in the workplace

75% of Fortune 500 companies leverage emotional intelligence

Take the First Step Towards Your Career Transformation 

In the competitive job market, technical expertise alone is no longer enough to secure career progression.

Many talented professionals find themselves hitting a wall, struggling to connect with others, or unable to effectively communicate their ideas. EQMatch addresses this pain point by pinpointing the areas where your emotional intelligence may be holding you back.

Our assessment identifies blind spots, empowers personal growth, and gives you a roadmap to build stronger relationships and unlock new career opportunities.

Takes 20 Min. 100% Free

Low EQ vs High EQ

  • Limited career advancement opportunities.
  • Struggles to build a strong professional network.
  • Difficulty in effectively managing teams and leading others.
  • Conflicts and misunderstandings in the workplace.
  • Lower likelihood of promotions and salary increases.
  • Increased chances of career advancement and growth.
  • Builds strong professional relationships and networks.
  • Effective leadership and team management skills.
  • Excellent communication and conflict resolution abilities.
  • More likely to be considered for promotions and salary raises.
  • Can negotiate and navigate career opportunities more successfully.
  • Demonstrates adaptability and resilience in challenging situations.
  • Recognizes and capitalizes on opportunities for personal and professional development.

What you’ll get out of this FREE assessment?

  • Identify opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Diagnose barriers to your success
  • Learn how to develop your EQ for professional & personal growth

Takes 20 Min. 100% Free

People with high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) make $29,000 more annually than people with low EQ

Frequently asked questions

How Many Questions Are There in EQMatch Assessment?

We have tried our best to create a comprehensive EQ Assessment. Our Assessment comprises 84 Questions.

What Are The Benefits of Taking The EQMatch Assessment?

Once you understand your EQ spectrum, and learn about your strengths and areas of improvements, you will be in a better position to develop your EQ. This can help you in both personal and professional areas of life. From getting better jobs to doing better at your current role, EQMatch can help you climb the corporate ladder.