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There are hundreds of job sites. Often, the same job is posted across different job portals.

How can you stand out and ensure that HR leaders pick candidates applying from your job portal?

By providing high EQ candidates, you can dramatically increase the chances of application to selection ratio

In an ever changing workforce, EQMatch helps enterprises reduce their Employee Turnover, and improve Retention.

EQMatch uses a scientific methodlogy that presents an objective and accurate measure compared to assessments which ask individuals to reflect on their own emotional intelligence.

EQMatch offers a more accurate measure of emotional intelligence because it collects and interprets responses to stimuli and specific situations rather than asking for self-reported assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why become an EQMatch Partner?

EQMatch is revolutionizing the recruitment domain by helping organizations tap into high Emotional Intelligent candidates.

With demonstrable ROI, you can help your clients improve productivity, and reduce turnover.

You will also have access to our best-in-class support across IT, Marketing, and Sales.

What is the process to become an EQMatch Partner?

We follow a stringent process to select partners. Please visit our Mission page and check out our core values. If those values speak to you, we welcome you to apply.

What is the timeline?

We strive to respond to partner requests within 24 hours.

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