Use Case: Reduce Employee Turnover

US businesses lose 11 Billion Dollars each year due to employee turnover

EQMatch enables HR leaders to objectively consider highly emotionally intelligent job candidates alongside their resumes, thus helping reduce employee turnover.

Use Case: Improve Productivity

Unhappy Employees cost the U.S. $450 to $550 billion annually to lost productivity. 70% of employees are disengaged at work. 80% of Employees are disengaged as a result of a poor manager.

EQMatch helps improve job performance by assessing and improving Emotional Intelligence through a scientific, reliable, quick, and user-friendly process.

Use Case: Boost DEI

67% of job seekers consider Diversity as an important factor. Businesses that support and embrace diversity have a 25% higher chance of financially outperforming those that don’t.

EQMatch can help boost DEI in the workplace. With EQMatch, you can create a culture of Empathy, address Unconscious Bias/Implicit Bias, build an Inclusive Culture, and improve Mindfulness and Constructive Thinking