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Human talent is the most important talent.

Organizations that understand and implement this philosophy in their actionable strategy perform better and realize lower employee turnover.

Human resource professionals face several challenges throughout the recruiting process.

Relying solely on someone’s resume and experience can prove detrimental to talent acquisition.

The other side of the story, aka, candidates, need to understand which jobs best suit their personality.

Hopping on a job solely for financial reasons can be dangerous.

The work environment and type of work, for example, are important factors to consider before accepting a job offer.

A candidate might lose passion and interest in a job if it does not match their personality.

This is where a career test comes into the picture.

Let’s dive into the world of career tests or career aptitude tests.

career test eqmatch

Career Test: Overview

Put simply, a career test helps you learn more about yourself.

Through a series of questions, the career assessment test tries to uncover different aspects of your personality.

A career test gives candidates valuable insights for job assessment as well as for career transition.

Career Assessments cover aspects such as skills, strengths & weaknesses, interests, emotional intelligence, personality traits, and motivations (among others).

Why Career Assessment?

Career tests, through the factors mentioned above, uncover (in-depth) which jobs are best suited for a candidate’s skills, what’s the ideal work environment, their strengths & weaknesses, and how they should communicate with others.

Types of Career Tests

Let’s dive into the most popular types of career assessment tests.

Please note that some of these tests fall into two main categories- personality assessments and career assessments. 

And some of these are even free career tests.

Career Assessments

My Plan Career Test

This career test is designed to help job seekers identify their motivations.

MyPlan provides 739 jobs upon completion.

Moreover, these jobs are scored and ranked according to the responses.

MyNextMove Career Test

This is a tool incorporating information from O*Net, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.

MyNextMove comprises 60 questions.

The test has three categories- I want to be a, I’ll know when I see it, and I’m not really sure.

MAPP Career Test

The MAPP career assessment takes 22 minutes to complete.

This free career test comprises 71 questions related to the applicant’s likes and dislikes.

The goal of this test is to help test takers find the right job that matches their unique career assessment.

Holland Code Career Test

The Holland Code is a three-letter code comprising the test taker’s three dominant personality types out of six possible choices.

This 20-minute test was developed by psychologist Dr. John Holland.

career test eqmatch

Personality Assessments

Until now, we talked about career assessment tests.

Let’s discuss the most popular personality assessment tests.

Big Five

This personality assessment test categorizes people into five personality traits.

These traits are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. 

The goal of the Big Five personality assessment is to help the test taker identify learning styles and work preferences.

Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment

This assessment tried to predict the core personality traits that govern our day-to-day behaviors in the workplace.

The PI Behavioral Assessment does not have a time limit.

It is a stimulus-response tool that measures a person’s motivating drives and needs.

Myers-Briggs (MBTI)

The MBTI personality test is one of the oldest personality assessments.

There are 16 types of personality categories in the Myers Briggs personality test.

The MBTI personality test helps evaluate if a person is more extroverted or more introverted, whether the person decides through thinking or feeling, whether they collect information through sensing or intuition, and whether they organize through perceiving or judging. 

Myers Briggs vs EQMatch

MBTI personality tests assign the test taker into one of these categories- ISTJ, ISTP, ISFJ, ISFP, INFJ, INFP, INTJ, INTP, ESTP, ESTJ, ESFP, ESFJ, ENFP, ENFJ, ENTP, or ENTJ.

You might want to learn which is the best personality test for hiring.

Caliper Profile

The Caliper Profile personality assessment helps measure Personality and intelligence (IQ; abstract reasoning).

This test gives a comprehensive overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the job role.

This assessment is also used for employee development.

emotional intelligence testing eqmatch

EQMatch Assessment

Lastly, we have the EQMatch Pre-Employment Assessment.

This emotional intelligence testing solution is unique in the sense it is an objective personality assessment for hiring.

Hence, it eliminates the most common shortcoming of other personality assessments- subjective nature.

EQMatch personality assessment solution is scientific, reliable, quick, and user-friendly.    

Wrapping Up

Career tests can help test takers gain a better insight into their personality.

Using the right career test can be beneficial for both job applicants as well as HR professionals.

Which career test are you currently using?

Drop in your comments below.

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