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At EQMatch, we believe in people, culture, and values. We are honored to have awesome people work with us.

For us, good human beings make an organization GREAT! Our biggest Superpower is YOU!

EQMatch is on a mission to change the existing, stressful work-culture. We welcome thinkers, dreamers, motivators, and doers to join us in making the corporate environment human-centric.

We think EQ before IQ. We put employees’ happiness over everything else. Join us in this daring mission to disrupt the way we work!

In this creative and data oriented role of a Social Media Marketing Intern, you would:

  • Help shape EQMatch’s brand by implementing a strategic, and scalable Social Media Marketing strategy across different social media platforms- LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and others.

  • Measure and analyze social media marketing campaign performance across different social media platforms.

  • Connect with prospects on different social media platforms

  • Help generate traction on social media through content and outreach.

  • Collaborate with Marketing & Product Teams to help users understand the value of EQMatch.

  • Challenge the norms to experiment new ideas through out-of-the-box social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing is not just about posting content across different platforms.

If you have excellent writing and editing skills, and understand the basics of social media marketing, we welcome you to apply for this role.

We value passion, talent and skills over academic degrees. If you are driven by these values, hit us up. Let’s work together and change the way we work today!

Please Note: This is an unpaid Social Media Marketing Internship

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