games for team building eqmatch

Team building offers several benefits both for the employees and the employer.

Why Team Building is Important

There is no shortage of games for team building.

HR professionals understand the importance of using games for team bonding and building.

games for team building eqmatch

Team building games should be a part of every organization’s HR strategy.

Science aside, who doesn’t like participating in fun activities?

Let’s talk about some of the most fun games for team building.

Zombie Escape

If you want to encourage problem-solving and collaboration in your employees, Zombie Escape is a fun way to start.

Employees (10-12) would get into a room with a chained-up zombie and a host.

The host will explain the rules of the game.

The idea behind this game is simple- you have to solve all the cues and find the key to escape the room before the Zombie eats you and your team.

You will have 60 minutes to find the key.

Isn’t that an easy game for team building?

Not really.

The catch here is that every five minutes, the chain of the Zombie gets longers, leaving you less room to move.

Battle of the Airbands 

This game is great for team bonding.

Divide your team into groups of 4-6 people.

Each group should create a “band name” and choose a song to perform live.

The band has the freedom to decide on the singer, guitarist, and drummer.

The audience decides the winning band.

Office Trivia 

This is another cool game for team bonding.

Office Trivia also serves as one of the best online team building games.

Prepare fun questions for the game.

Questions need not be work-related.

You can have questions like “what brand computer monitors do we use” or “which tea brand is available in our cafeteria”.

Scavenger Hunt 

This is one of the classic, tried, and tested games for team building.

You can find great scavenger hunt ideas for the workplace.

Here is one.

Try an Instagram-themed scavenger hunt.

Choose a few locations near your office using the geo-tagging feature on Instagram.

These places would be your scavenger hunt stops.

The person who gets to all locations (within a stipulated time) and posts a story tagging your company wins the Hunt.

This is not only a fun game for team building; it also serves as a great PR activity.

Karaoke Party

You can use this game both offline and online.

Here is a fun karaoke game for your workplace.

Take a bowl, and put pieces of paper with different song titles.

In another bowl, put pieces of paper with the names of famous singers.

Each player would then pick a piece of paper from each bowl and perform the song in the style of the famous singer.

How about Bon Jovi singing Whenever Wherever (Shakira), or Shakira singing It’s my life (Bon Jovi)?

Jenga with a Twist

Jenga is a game that both kids and adults love.

You can add a twist to Jenga, and make it a fun game for team building.

Split your team into groups of 2-3 (depending on the Jenga size).

Add a dare on a piece of paper, and insert it in each block of the Jenga tower.

When someone pulls a block out, they will have to perform the dare written on the paper chit.

Online Team Building Games

Until now we have talked about offline games for team building (for the most part).

Given the growth in social isolation post-pandemic, the need for building socialization, communication, visibility, and trust is more than ever.

Thanks to tools like Zoom and MS Teams, HR managers can maintain remote socialization.

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Let’s cover some fun online team building games to engage your remote employees and build amazing remote teams.

Online Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games are a great way to improve problem-solving and collaboration for remote employees.

Codenames, Dominion Online, and Jack Box games are some of the most popular online multiplayer games for team building.

Ice Breaker

Prepare a list of funny, virtual icebreaker questions for your remote teams.

Here are some ideas:

  • Your craziest dare?
  • Funniest memory with your childhood best friend?
  • Worst Date story?
  • Embarrassing Date Story?

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

We talked about the regular scavenger hunt earlier.

You can also have a virtual scavenger hunt, where team members can search for specific items around their homes.

You can add quirky details to add color to the hunt.

For example, you can ask team members to find a blue wine glass or a green sock.

Guess the Refrigerator/Desk

Looking for some funny games for team building?

This online team building game will make you laugh for sure.

Each member of the team takes a picture of the inside of their refrigerator or home workspace and posts them in a group chat.

Others have to check the photos and suggest which image belongs to which team member.

Wrapping Up

Team leaders and HR managers can improve communication and collaboration by organizing games for team building. 

I hope you would use some of these team building games and make your employees come together!

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