why team building is important

Did you know that a fully-engaged workforce can generate 2X revenue for the organization?

In the words of Hellen Keller- Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

No wonder globally, more than 2500% of businesses are investing in virtual team building post-Covid-19.

We all know that teamwork and collaboration are indispensable for the success of an organization. 

Yet, not all companies proactively invest in team development/growth.

Before I talk about the specific reasons why team building is important, let’s talk a little about the concept and history of building teams.

The Definitive Guide to Human Resource Management

What is team building?

In simple terms, team development is a methodical approach to creating a well-integrated team working towards a common objective.

It is about creating a strong team through forming bonds and connections between the members of the team.

why team building is important

Team Building: History & Origins

While the term “team building” might be relatively new, human beings have worked together for ages.

During the 1920s and 30s, America saw the birth and popularity of this concept.

In the late 1920s, a scientist named Elton Mayo experimented to boost employee productivity.

This experiment (Hawthorne Studies) deployed different environmental situations (lighting and humidity) to assess performance.

A little later, researchers also started observing social and emotional environmental factors to gauge the performance of workers.

The experiment found that the relationships between coworkers could affect productivity.

It can be safe to say that the Hawthorne Studies paved way for team development in corporate America.

Now that we have talked about the concept of building teams, let’s dive into the importance of building teams.

10 Reasons Why Team Building is Important

Boosting Productivity

When employees work together towards a common goal, their productivity increases.

Well-connected teams communicate and collaborate better.

As you know, employee productivity has a direct impact on organizational growth.

Boosting Creativity

Creativity thrives best when people collaborate.

A culture of collaborative design, where different team members come together and brainstorm ideas and solutions, breeds success.

Better Communication

Often, communication is seen as just a means of improving work efficiency.

While, no doubt, improved communication can pave way for higher productivity, the benefits of better communication go beyond that.

For example, communication develops trust and boosts employee engagement.

It also builds camaraderie among the team members.

why team building is important

Boosting Employee Morale

Fun activities and games for team building can help boost employee morale.

Scavenger hunts, word associations, show-and-tell, board games, and fun team quizzes can create a positive work environment for employees and help them feel appreciated.

Building Trust

Team building ice breakers (games and fun activities) can help in developing trust among coworkers, especially for newly created teams and departments. 

HR managers can choose activities such as trust pinball, minefield, and the human knot to build trust among coworkers.

Assessing Leadership Potential

Activities and online games for team building can help HR leaders identify employees with leadership skills.

Often, we do not express our “fun” side at work.

Team activities can address that.

HR can observe employees who lead well during team development and bonding activities.

Team building tests that focus on emotional intelligence can come in handy when planning for leadership roles.

Analyzing Strengths & Weaknesses

We all have strengths and weaknesses.

Different people excel at different things.

During team activities, HR can identify the strengths and weaknesses of employees.

Managers can use this information to build productive teams.

For example, team building games can help HR identify which employees work well together, and which do not.

HR can also use team building personality tests in this context.

build teams with eqmatch emotional intelligence testing

Building Confidence 

A great advantage of playing games and sports is that it helps build confidence.

When we cross a hurdle or complete a level (in an online game), we feel a sense of accomplishment.

Team building games and activities can help employees build confidence.

And confident employees are more positive, more productive, and serve as good motivators (role models) for others.

Streamlining Remote Teams

Virtual team building is a challenge for many.

With more and more businesses adopting a remote work model, it is becoming increasingly difficult for HR leaders and team managers to develop a sense of community among their remote, distributed teams.

This is why virtual activities are a must for remote teams.

Emotional Intelligence and Job Performance

Physical & Mental Well Being

An effective approach to developing teams can promote both the physical and mental health of employees. 

When teams work together to solve problems, they come together and develop a sense of togetherness.

This works best in situations where teams participate in outdoor activities.

If outdoors is not a possibility, online games and fun team quizzes can serve the purpose.

Wrapping Up: Why Team Building is Important?

I hope, by now, you would have a better understanding of why team building is important.

Given the right planning and approach, HR professionals can use team-building activities to create a more positive work environment for employees. 

Team-building can help develop positive relationships between employees, improve intra-departmental relationships, and even help prevent and resolve conflicts.

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