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Did you know that the average cost per hire is $4,700?

As per SHRM, the total cost of hiring could be 3X to 4X the position’s salary.

Hiring is a key aspect of human resource management.

And as an HR professional, you already know it is not always easy to find the right employee for a job.

You can gauge the education, experience, and hard skills (to some extent) of a job applicant from their resume.

However, a resume fails to reflect a person’s work ethic, reliability & compatibility, strengths & weaknesses, and adaptability to change.

This is why smart HR leaders use pre employment tests to get a 360 view of applicants.

Let’s talk about the top reasons for using a pre employment test in your organization.

pre employment test for hiring eqmatch

More Productivity & Better Job Performance

As per Gallup, disengaged employees cost businesses anywhere between $450 and $550 BILLION each year.

Please remember that reduced productivity has a financial cost.

And it can hurt your bottom line.

Pre employment tests such as the EQMatch Emotional Intelligence Test can help you assess the soft skills of candidates.

Emotional Intelligence can help predict job performance

When use the right way, a pre employment assessment can help you understand whether a candidate has the right level of emotional intelligence to work in a team, lead people, and handle stressful situations the right way.

Companies using personality tests for hiring see improved productivity in a short time.

Improved Employee Retention

As per research, replacing an employee costs almost 33% of their annual salary.

With the help of a scientific pre employment test, you shortlist the right candidates.

People are not always good or bad.

It is about the right fit.

Having employees who are aligned with your organization’s culture is critical to the success of your business.

You do not want to hire a person who has the wrong attitude or personality.

Using an emotional intelligence pre employment solution can weed out those who are more likely to be less productive, and leave the company.

pre employment test for hiring eqmatch

Faster, Efficient Hiring

Those outside the HR domain might not understand how much time and energy goes into hiring.

HR professionals spend days trying to find the right candidate(s).

Not having an efficient hiring process can hurt the morale of your HR department, and also question the efficiency of your HR strategy.

On average, a job posting receives around 250 applicants.

You cannot interview all of those.

A pre employment test can help you find suitable candidates from the ones you shortlisted (based on hard skills, experience, and education).

Objective vs Subjective

Not all pre employment testing companies are created alike.

One of the biggest issues with most types of pre employment testing is that they are subjective in nature.

Using a subjective personality test for hiring (such as the Myers Briggs or DiSC) allows test-takers to put themselves in a better light, thus making it difficult for recruiters to assess results.

This is why smart HR professionals choose an objective personality assessment for hiring.

Myers Briggs Vs EQMatch 

DiSC vs EQMatch

Reduce Employee Turnover 

An organization with a lower turnover rate has more room for growth.

A lower turnover rate not only helps improve employee morale but also boosts your business reputation.

Are you wondering if a lower turnover has any financial impact?

When an organization reduces its turnover rate, it ends up spending less money on training, recruiting, and severance pay.

How do you reduce employee turnover?

By building a human-centric, aka, emotional intelligence culture.

And this all happens at the beginning of the recruiting cycle- shortlisting the right candidates for interviewing.

A pre employment test can help you identify emotionally intelligent candidates, who are more likely to help build a happy, productive, and empathy-oriented culture.

pre employment test pricing eqmatch

Cost Efficient 

We have already talked about how having the right candidates help save HR money.

How much does a scientific pre employment test cost?

While the pre employment assessment pricing models of most companies range from $50 to a few hundred dollars, EQMatch Emotional Intelligence Testing helps you save over 50% on pre employment test costs with its competitive and affordable pricing.

With costs as low as $29 per assessment per month, you can deploy an emotional intelligence pre employment solution at scale without breaking the bank.


In today’s challenging times, leaders understand the importance of emotional intelligence in human resource management.

HR professionals need to think beyond traditional ways of hiring and look into the “soft skills” of applicants to create an emotionally intelligent, happy, and productive workforce.

Using a scientific pre employment test for testing emotional intelligence can yield amazing returns.

It can help HR managers hire right.

EQMatch can not only help you shortlist the right candidates during the recruiting process, but it is also a scientific emotional intelligence test for employees.

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