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What is recruiting software?

Recruiting platforms and software help talent acquisition professionals and recruiters optimize the recruitment workflow.

Recruiting software is a key component of human resources management (HRM).

After all, more than 98% of Fortune 500 companies use recruitment software.

Most such tools focus on sourcing, selecting, screening, and interviewing candidates.

The goal of recruiting platforms is to make it easier for companies to find and hire talent.

Most HR software tools have a recruiting component.

Hence, it can be challenging to find the right (or best) recruiting system.

In this post, we will talk about some of the top recruiting platforms.

We will also discuss how to select the right recruiting software for your organization.

Recruiting Software Features

A company’s talent acquisition strategy is incomplete and handicapped without the right recruiting software.

Enterprises often deploy recruitment platforms as part of their HR suite, HCM (human capital management), or even ERP (enterprise resource management).

And recruitment software for small businesses tends to be standalone (for the most part).

Smaller businesses often want best-of-breed recruitment platforms offering a wide range of HR capabilities.

Most recruitment platforms offer one or more of these features- workforce planning, sourcing, talent acquisition, applicant tracking, onboarding, and analytics.

Top Recruiting Software Solutions for Enterprises & Small Businesses

Here are some of the best recruiting platforms for you to consider.

Zoho Recruit

Enterprises use Zoho Recruit to find and retain talent.

This cloud-based ATS offers useful features such as job requisition management, company website posting, job search site posting, resume management, candidate search, social media posting, applicant tracking, reporting, and more.

recruiting software zoho recruit

For instance, you can use this recruiting software to post a job directly to LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter; or to multiple job boards such as Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder.

Zoho Recruit is a cost-effective solution with a user-friendly interface.

On the flip side, this software lags a bit in terms of its reporting capabilities.


This cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps talent acquisition professionals find and track applicants with ease.

Workable is an excellent recruitment software for small businesses (SMBs) in particular.

recruiting software workable

The platform is easy to navigate, offers a wide range of integrations with recruiting and HR tools, and has decent reporting & analytics capabilities.

On the downside, it offers limited search functions and minimal onboarding capabilities.

Also, EEO, OFCCP, and CCPA compliances are available only with Workable’s higher tiers.


This “talent cloud” solution caters to enterprises.

Offering a wide range of tools, from ATS to candidate relationship management, iCIMS helps HR professionals streamline human resource management.


iCIMS does have some limitations in terms of reporting functions.

Also, several users have reported that iCIMS has an outdated and overwhelming interface.

Not the most user-friendly recruiting software for sure.


This feature-rich recruiting platform for enterprises offers useful features such as Jobvite Hire (a comprehensive applicant tracking system), Jobvite Onboard, and Jobvite Funnel.

The platform integrates with most accounting, CRM, and document management tools.

Jobvite does a great job in terms of customization0 of workflows, forms, and communications.


However, this recruitment platform does not offer advanced reporting features.

It can also be slow at times.


Until now we have focused on the job posting, and candidate management side of things.

While most of the aforementioned recruitment platforms offer an ATS for shortlisting candidates based on skills and experience (resume analysis), they do not help HR managers shortlist candidates based on soft skills such as emotional intelligence.

Given the growing importance of emotional intelligence in human resource management, forward-thinking enterprises and HR leaders are prioritizing personality assessment for hiring.

recruiting software platform eqmatch

There is a strong relationship between emotional intellgence and job performance.

An emotional intelligence testing such as EQMatch can help enterprises and SMBs shortlist the right candidates.

EQMatch pre employment test can help reduce employee turnover, boost productivity, boost diversity equity & inclusion (DEI) efforts, and improve the bottom line.

EQMatch offers a free trial as well.

You can check out EQMatch’s pre employment assessment pricing for more information.

Wrapping Up

Having the right recruiting software can help reduce the time to hire, improve the quality of hires, improve applicant experience and internal communication, and improve HR productivity.

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