recruiting on linkedin eqmatch

Did you know that more than 58 million businesses use LinkedIn, and more than 50 million people search for jobs on LinkedIn every week?

What’s even more amazing is that placements through recruiting on LinkedIn are 40% less likely to quit within the first 6 months.

LinkedIn recruiting is becoming increasingly important for talent acquisition.

Let’s talk about some talent trends to inform your recruiting strategy.

recruiting on linkedin eqmatch

Passive Talent

While 30% of the global workforce is active job seekers, the remaining (70%) are passive job seekers.

What’s interesting is that 87% of both active and passive candidates are open to new jobs.

Candidate Experience

89% of candidates are more likely to accept a job offer when contacted by their recruiter.

And if their prospective manager contacts them, the number rises to 94%.

LinkedIn Recruiting

Did you know that social professional networks such as LinkedIn are the number one source of quality hires?

Internet job boards and employee referrals follow the suit.

Recruiting on LinkedIn: Helpful Tips

Now that we talked about why you should use LinkedIn Recruiting as part of your talent acquisition strategy, let’s cover useful strategies to help you get the most out of recruiting on LinkedIn.

The Right Strategy for Recruiting on LinkedIn

It all starts with the right strategy.

Start with creating your company profile on LinkedIn.

If you already have a business profile on LinkedIn, use it to improve your brand.

Employee testimonials, fun pictures of employees at work, and other content can help “humanize” your brand on LinkedIn.

Remember, people do not just look for a job these days.

They want to know if the Company is employee-centric.

HR professionals can also think of posting recruitment videos on their Company page to make recruiting on LinkedIn more transparent.

Make sure you update your company’s page regularly.

recruiting on linkedin eqmatch

LinkedIn Groups 

You can easily find a LinkedIn group that relates to your open job(s).

Check for the Group rules, and see if you can post an opening.

This could help you boost your efforts for recruiting on LinkedIn.

Passive Candidates

As I mentioned earlier, over 70% of the workforce falls into the passive-job-search category.

Many users do not “shout out” that they are looking for a role.

Look for candidates who have been discreetly marked as “open to work” on LinkedIn.

In Q4, 2026, LinkedIn announced a new feature where a candidate can privately signal to recruiters that they are open to new job opportunities.

Boolean Search for Recruiting on LinkedIn

Using keywords and operators, you can enhance your search on LinkedIn.

Boolean search in recruitment is not just limited to LinkedIn.

It applies to several platforms and technologies.

You can use popular Boolean operators such as AND, OR, NOT, Brackets (), Quotations “”, and Asterisk * for recruiting on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to use several Boolean Modifiers to further refine your search to quickly and effectively find candidates.

Apply Via LinkedIn

Why make the application process complex (several steps) when you can have the candidate apply in just a few clicks?

One of the best tips for leveraging recruiting on LinkedIn is to let candidates apply via LinkedIn.

The platform allows you to ask screening questions as well.

This way, you can weed out candidates that do not match your criteria.

Post Jobs on LinkedIn Page

While you can always go to LinkedIn Recruiter and pay for posting multiple jobs, you can also use your Company Page to post a job for free.

If you have an active Company page with good engagement and followers, this strategy can work quickly in your favor.

Careful with InMail

Sending unnecessary InMails in the hope of contacting the right candidates could prove detrimental.

I have seen recruiters abusing the LinkedIn Inmail feature.

In fact, let’s see what LinkedIn has to say about Recruiter InMail:

  • Don’t distribute unwanted or untargeted mass InMail messages.
  • Don’t use InMail for marketing campaigns.
  • Don’t use InMail as event invitations.
  • All messages must follow the LinkedIn Professional Community Policies.

Hashtags for Recruiting on LinkedIn

Leverage content-rich hashtags for recruiting on LinkedIn.

There are several ways you can use hashtags for recruiting.

One, you can use them in your job posts on LinkedIn.

Second, you can connect with thought leaders in space (say #sales for Sales) and request them for recruiting purposes.

hr software for enterprise recruitment eqmatch

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn offers Recruiter and Recruiter Lite.

These tools can come in handy to automate job posts, and send personalized one-to-one InMail.

Recruiter Lite caters to individuals and SMBs (small and medium businesses) with low-volume hiring needs.

The platform also offers a free 30-day trial for first-time users.

For high-volume needs, you can try LinkedIn Recruiter Professional and Recruiter Corporate.

You can check the cost of LinkedIn Recruiter here.

Personal Outreach for Recruiting on LinkedIn

There is no substitute for developing a genuine connection.

This works for recruiting on LinkedIn as well.

Instead of sending mass messages, focus on building genuine connections with prospective candidates.

Do not just reach out to them for an open position.

Congratulate them on their achievements and milestones.

Genuine words of support and encouragement can outdo all other tricks for recruiting on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Recruiting: Wrapping Up

Recruiting on LinkedIn can be great for businesses.

Done the right way, LinkedIn Recruitment can help you attract the right candidates for your organization.

I hope you would use these tips to boost your recruitment efforts on LinkedIn.

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