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Human resources management is one of the most important aspects of a business- small or big.

HR professionals address a variety of tasks- strategic management, wages & salaries, benefits, safety & risk management, minimizing liability, training & development, employee satisfaction, recruitment & onboarding, hiring, and maintaining compliance.

Handling HR responsibilities is not an easy thing.

Human resource leaders need commitment and dedication to excel at their job.

It would not be wrong to say that HR improves the bottom line of a business.

And what could be better to understand the importance of HR than checking out the top human resources quotes from leaders of our generation?

Without further ado, here are the most inspiring quotes about human resources management.

Top 10 Human Resources Quotes


human resources quotes eqmatch

Emotional Investment

This is perhaps one of the best human resources quotes.

Employees should “want” to contribute to the growth of an organization.

Wages, salaries, and benefits alone might not encourage employees to invest emotionally in a company’s vision.

While these are extremely important, businesses need to create a positive environment where employees feel safe and empowered to communicate, share ideas, and most importantly, disagree.

Emotional Intelligence could play an important role in shaping such a culture.


quotes about human resources eqmatch

Hire character. Train skill.

An organization is only as good as its talent.

People (human beings)  shape the organizational culture.

How many times did you hire someone believing they fill all the check boxes for skills and experience, only to find out later that candidate did not fit in?

By focusing on character, however, hr managers can improve retention.

Please note that character is not the same as attitude.

A person’s character dictates how they will fit with your company’s values, and whether they conduct themselves in alignment with those values.

Why Work Attitude Over Skill

A person with a positive and bright attitude might not always share the same character or values that you want in your organization.

It is better to hire someone with the right character and average skills than to hire someone with the wrong character and great skills.

Remember, you can teach skills.

And people with great character generally exhibit a willingness to learn anyways.


hr quotes eqmatch

Don’t Mandate Productivity

Businesses cannot control how their employees work.

However, they can certainly control the workplace environment to ensure productivity.

HR managers should encourage employee feedback to promote employee loyalty.

Think of productivity as a byproduct of an employee-centric, positive work environment.

By providing the right tools to employees, businesses can bring out the best in employees.


hr quotes eqmatch

Importance of HR

Let’s reflect on this for a moment.

Since people make or break businesses, shouldn’t hiring and training them be the most important aspects of an organization?

Sadly, that is far from the truth.

Most businesses put HR in the background, while C-suite executives like CFOs and COOs reign supreme.

By empowering the HR department, businesses can focus on what matters the most- people.

Think about this.

If you own a soccer team like Chelsea or Barcelona, would you rather spend time with the accounting department or the people overseeing the players?


hr quotes eqmatch

Treat Your Employees Right

It is a no-brainer why organizations should treat their employees with respect and dignity.

When organizations treat their people with respect, show appreciation for their work, and encourage them, the result is a happier and more productive workforce.

And happier, productive employees would translate into happier and satisfied customers.

Create a work environment where employees do not feel scared to voice their ideas.

A workplace where employees dread coming to work will eventually succumb to high turnover.


hr quotes eqmatch

Win the Workplace

It is only through people that a business can win in the marketplace.

When you develop great people, you would end up building a great organization.

One cannot lead people without loving them.

Leaders should aim at solving the needs of their people, and lead by example.

When leaders listen intently to the thoughts of their employees, there is better communication, which, in turn, leads to management success.


human resources quotes eqmatch

Employees Come First

Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.

When people in an organization are happy and eager to learn, the result is higher productivity.

Imagine a customer service team coming to work unhappy every day.

Would they be able to deliver a great customer experience to your clients?

Leaders should put themselves in the shoes of their employees, and gain a genuine insight into their working conditions.


human resources quotes eqmatch

Understand what matters most to your people

People management is all about people.

This is an obvious statement, but it is often ignored by businesses, small and large.

Human resource professionals can easily lose sight of “people” amidst administrative HR tasks such as payroll, benefits, and time-off.

Organizations need to work towards creating a compelling and personalized employee experience.

By creating a positive employee experience, businesses can realize higher levels of productivity and engagement.


human resources quotes eqmatch

Hiring Right

Time spent on hiring is time well spent.

Hiring is the line between a candidate and an employee.

It is through hiring that a job applicant becomes an employee.

That is why HR professionals should use the right strategy and tools to improve hiring processes.

Forward-thinking organizations go beyond hard skills and experience and look into the soft skills or personalities of job applicants.

Focusing on emotional intelligence, for example, can help you hire better candidates, who are less likely to quit.


quotes about human resources management eqmatch

HR is the Brains

A well-oiled HR department can work wonders for your business.

Human resources are not just about “hiring and firing”.

The HR department addresses a number of vital aspects of business such as employee engagement, training & development, legal compliance, and building public relations/corporate image.

Would you trust a company that has horrible reviews from its employees on Glassdoor?

By creating a positive work environment, HR professionals help build the corporate image of an enterprise.


quotes about human resources management eqmatch

Focus on the Human Aspect

Another obvious (but important) statement- treat people right.

Often, companies ignore the “human” aspect in the race for growing revenues and profits.

It is important that businesses focus on employee engagement and happiness from the start.

These are not “optional” for business growth.

Wrapping Up: human resources quotes

We talked about several human resources quotes from successful leaders.

Hopefully, these quotes about human resources management would help you rethink or improve your HR strategy, and create an employee-friendly work environment.

At EQMatch, we envision a happier, more productive workplace.

Join us in our mission to make people enjoy going to work.

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