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Did you know, on average, it takes 36 working days to hire talent?

And that the average cost per hire is $4,425?

Enterprises face a number of recruiting challenges.

Some common complexities in enterprise recruiting include a lack of requisition prioritization, hasty tech implementation, a lack of strategic business partnerships, and viewing talent as a short-term solution.

Human Resource Management leaders at large companies want to improve the quality of hires, increase employee retention, reduce hiring times, develop talent streams, and boost diversity hiring.

These are easier said than done.

Along with developing a strategic plan to improve talent acquisition, human resource professionals can also benefit from having the best hr software for enterprise recruitment.

An enterprise recruitment software can streamline the recruitment process.

Recruiting for a large organization (1000+ employees) without the right enterprise hr software applications could be a daunting task.

Let’s dive into four types of hr software for enterprise recruitment.

hr software for enterprise recruitment eqmatch

HR Enterprise Software for Job Posting

An enterprise recruitment software for job posting helps HR professionals reach out to potential candidates easily. 

Applicants use a variety of platforms these days- from job boards to using LinkedIn for job search.

As an enterprise HR, you want to make sure you are advertising your open jobs on the right platforms.

An enterprise recruitment software can save time by posting thousands of job boards in a single click.

In this day and age, who has the time to post countless jobs on different job boards, manually?

Look for a solution that allows cross-posting- from free and paid job boards, to social media platforms.

HR Enterprise Software for Candidate Assessment

Now that you have posted jobs across hundreds of relevant places, it is time to assess candidates.

You do not want applicants who look great on resumes but might fail to align with your enterprise culture and people.

Thankfully, there are several enterprise recruitment software for candidate assessment out there.

How do you understand which is the best hr software for enterprise recruitment and assessment?

Best Personality Assessment for Hiring

For starters, make sure the enterprise hr software is scientific.

You want a solution that can help you quickly compare and contrast candidates, not just based on their experience, but also on their soft skills such as emotional intelligence.

hr software for enterprise recruitment eqmatch

The right personality assessment and emotional intelligence testing solution should give you valuable insights into the candidates through in-depth reports.

Check out these posts to understand why you should use a pre employment test for hiring and the relationship between emotional Intelligence and job performance.

HR Software for Onboarding

Research suggests that a strong onboarding process can improve new hire retention by 82%.

Moreover, it can boost productivity by 70%.

As per Gallup, 88% of companies do not do a good job at onboarding.

Today, enterprises face two big issues- talent scarcity and high turnover.

Hence, hr leaders at enterprises need to focus on engaging and retaining employees from day one.

This is why robust enterprise onboarding software becomes important.

hr software for enterprise recruitment eqmatch

HR Enterprise Software for Scheduling Interviews

From contacting stakeholders for interviews and juggling schedules to rescheduling, HR professionals at enterprises do a lot.

Rescheduling, for example, not only paints a poor picture on the enterprise’s part but also takes away time from more meaningful tasks like building relationships with candidates, building talent communities, and improving the employer brand.

In fact, the number one interview scheduling challenges faced by recruiters is finding a time that works for everyone.

Not all hr software for enterprise recruitment includes an automated scheduling functionality.

A recruiting and scheduling solution with such a feature can save time by automating the interview scheduling process.

In other words, it enables candidates to self-schedule their own interviews.

Wrapping Up: HR Software for Enterprise Recruitment

Investing in the right enterprise recruitment software can speed up the recruitment process and improve hire quality.

EQMatch is a scientific emotional intelligence testing platform that enables enterprises to hire better.

Want to see EQMatch in action? Get a free demo here.

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